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Here you find highly competent advices on the proper conduct of the therapy and qualified responses on the appropriate use of drugs.If you need more informations or if you have any questions, you can write here. The service is free.

Couperose is an intense and chronic redness of the face, neck and décolleté, which mainly affects women, especially after thirty y.o. Responses seem to be microcirculatory alterations that involve a greater flow of blood into capillaries, with consequent redness, first occasional and reversible, and then permanent and stable, on cheeks, nose, ears and neck, accompanied by an annoying feeling of heat . Hormonal, allergic, environmental, climatic and emotional factors can certainly contribute. Specifically, the physical causes of couperose include capillary fragility and circulatory problems, the intake of some types of drugs, a sensitive and particularly reactive to temperature changes skin. In addition to taking precautions to prevent redness, such as the use of non-aggressive cosmetic products and the use of measures to protect the derma  from factors such as UV, wind and cold, it is possible to treat couperose with targeted treatments to alleviate the reddening of the skin. We also advice to  use  creams with anti-inflammatory and decongestant action, as well as antibiotic creams to be used in the more advanced phases of the disorder since it is able to counteract the action of the Demodex Folliculorum, a protozoan that participates in the progression of the disease. So, at first, I suggest you to  contact a pharmacist expert in dermocosmetics, who has real expertise in skin care problems, who may assist you with professionalism in finding the best solution to your problem. Remember that in order to eliminate the visible capillaries, today it is also possible to resort to an outpatient surgery with the laser.

Flu is a viral disturbance that is transmitted by air. Unfortunately there is no effective natural remedy able to cut off the activity of the flu virus. However, there are natural remedies useful to alleviate the symptoms. For example, it is advisable to drink a lot of water, take a hot shower, use essential oils and aromatherapy, make suffumigi with balsamic essences, drink and eat ginger, lemon and honey. In the phytotherapeutic field, echinacea is an excellent remedy: it has the capacity to strengthen the immune system because it increases in the body the production of interferon and properdine, an essential protein of the immune system in the humoral defense mechanisms against infectious agents . Among the natural immunostimulants, I also suggest Acerola, valuable for its content in vitamin C and Uncaria tomentosa, an immunostimulant and antiviral also effective as an anti-inflammatory and painkiller, which can be useful to prevent diseases from cooling. It is important, however, not to exceed the recommended dose ( as it may cause intestinal disorders) and avoid giving it to children or pregnant women. Also ginger (Zingiber Officinalis) is an excellent remedy for those who already have fever and cold, consumed in the form of herbal tea, perhaps enriched with sugar or honey, makes sweat and helps to clear the nose and fluidify the phlegm. By necessity of space I stop here, but I invite you to come in our Pharmacy to know more about natural remedies and products.

Glans infections are unpleasant infectious processes (generally bacterial or fungal) involving some adjacent anatomical male genital areas; in this section, there are numerous diseases, including balanitis, genital warts, candidiasis, lichen planus and other sexually transmissible diseases (eg gonorrhea). The first thing to do – especially if the redness is accompanied by itching and burning – is to contact a Doctor: in the vast majority of cases, in fact, the problem could be resolved in a few days. Your pharmacist will also expertly advise you on the best treatment. For the treatment of bacterial infection-induced balanitis, antibiotics are the therapy of choice, while the fungal insults have to be eradicated with topical application and / or the systemic intake of specific antifungal drugs. Cortisones are not indicated to treat infections of the glans dependent on bacterial balanitis. The sexual partner should also undergo specific treatment.

The foundation for acneic skin should always have an opaque finish, to protect the skin from sunlight and avoid the shiny effect in the – so-called – “T” area (forehead, nose, chin). Many liquid foundations, for example, have oils or emollients inside them that do not help to reduce the production of sebum, whereas, on the contrary, compact and powder foundations are the best in cases of acne and oily skin. Ask for a really competent pharmacist will be the best choice: observing your skin will be able to identify the most suitable makeup for you among the wide range of existing products!

Parabens are mainly used in moisturizers, shampoos, intimate cleansers and deodorants for their antibacterial and fungicidal properties. These substances penetrate the skin and remain intact in the tissue accumulating and in the long run they could generate negative effects on the endocrine system. Therefore, for the health of the child’s skin, simple products must be used that do not contain parabens inside them. You can find them in the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) with the words: methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, butylparaben and benzylparaben. In a spaced pharmacy, there are several simple and natural products for baby skin care, free of potentially harmful substances. A competent pharmacist in the field can help you in a safe choice.

Chapped hands are the result of all those thermal, chemical and physical insults that come to our hands every day. The excessive use of aggressive detergents, sudden changes in temperature and poor attention to hand care can alter the natural hydrolipid barrier that covers the epidermis; in this way, the skin of the hands gradually loses its intrinsic elasticity, appearing visibly dry, chapped, peeling and irritated, the main characteristics of cold dermatitis. A dry and cracked skin is in need of protection, hydration and nutrition. Starting from this assumption, the cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of chapped hands involves the application of several products with a specific action. In order to take care of  it, nourishing creams and ointments from the chemical composition A / O (water in oil), that is richer in oils and fats than in water, are therefore necessary. Even the ingredients of the creams for cold dermatitis should not be chosen by chance: lipids are effective, such as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that nourish the skin, strengthening its barrier; urea, a substance naturally present in the skin that increases the skin’s ability to increase physiological hydration and antioxidants (such as vitamin E) that soothe inflammations and reduce redness. Surely a serious and spurned pharmacy is the best place to receive valuable advice from qualified personnel, who will be able to understand and meet your needs.

Homeopathy for weight loss is considered by many experts a good way to lose weight and control body weight in a healthy and natural way. Homeopathic remedies improve digestion, promote fluid drainage, reactivate the metabolism and thus eliminate excess pounds. Parallel to the assumption of homeopathic remedies it is obviously also useful to follow an appropriate and healthy lifestyle, opting for healthy and balanced choices, but without excessive efforts: the approach must be as natural as possible. Thus, weight loss does not depend on the pills, which are only a valid aid to a balanced diet. Ask a specialist to set up a diet suited to your current situation and your pharmacist to choose the best homeopathic product as an aid to your well-being.

Celiac disease is a chronic inflammation of the small intestine, induced by the ingestion of gluten in genetically predisposed subjects. Flours suitable for celiacs are: corn flour, millet flour, sorghum flour, teff flour, amaranth flour, sativa flour, buckwheat flour, quinoa flour, chickpea flour, lupine flour, flour of almonds. It must always be remembered that naturally gluten-free flours can be subject to the risk of cross-contamination during processing and packaging. Make sure that there is always the crossed-out symbol or the “gluten-free” claim on the bag or box. Since today an increasing number of pharmacies dedicate a space on their shelves to celiacs, do not hesitate to ask an expert pharmacist to assist you in your choices.

Caffeine and similar substances exert an exciting and stimulant action on the nervous system. Many studies show that caffeine induces insomnia at certain doses and timing of administration. Therefore, it should be avoided during the evening hours.

On the other hand, alcohol is a sedative, but its action is very fast. After having quickly encouraged sleep, alcohol is likewise rapidly eliminated from the body and the brain enters in a state of relative “excitability” with consequent awakenings during the nocturnal sleep.

Smoking involves nicotine, a substance with exciting effects. It also has irritating effects on the respiratory tract and so may induce respiratory disorders during sleep. A diet based on rice, pasta starches, fructose, sucrose promotes the beginning and maintenance of sleep by facilitating the absorption of an aminoacid, tryptophan, which enriches the brain of serotonin, a substance that has a very important role in sleep regulation. In contrast, a proteic meal makes more difficult to absorb this kind of aminoacid.

So we can say that rich in tryptophan foods, such as milk, almonds, pistachio, spinach, cereals, spelled, oats, asparagus, mushrooms, cabbage and chocolate, can favour sleep.

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